Sale Preparation Checklist

To have your property ready for sale, maximise the sales price and ensure a smooth sale there are a number of very important things that you should organise to get the ball rolling:

  • Prepare the property for sale (externally and internally) and have it cleaned thoroughly
  • Money spent sprucing up the property will increase the saleability and ultimate selling price
  • Lawns mowed and shrubs/trees trimmed
  • A property stylist can improve the appearance and appeal of your property which helps in obtaining a higher sales price
  • Engage a solicitor or conveyancer to prepare a contract for sale that includes all the essential terms and conditions, including a S149 certificate from council (In NSW a property cannot be marketed unless a contract for sale has been prepared)
  • It is a good idea to request a copy of all approved plans of the property from council to ensure that all building works and additions etc. have been approved, if not they should be clearly disclosed in the contract for sale
  • If you are concerned about any building and pest issues then consider obtaining a pre-sale building and pest inspection report so that you can address any major issues and be prepared
  • If the property is tenanted ensure that a copy of the lease is provided to your solicitor/conveyance as part of the contract for sale and that all appropriate notifications are provided to the tenant (tenant relationships during sale as well as vacate and notice periods are very important and complex so please ask Florent & Mundey to give you some advice in this area)
  • Make a note of all inclusions that will remain at the property after settlement and ensure that they are in working order or advise your agent and solicitor if they are not
  • Standard inclusions generally include light fittings, sensor lights, fixed floor coverings, curtains and blinds, insect screens, oven/cooktop/range hoods, dishwashers, ceiling fans, air-conditioning units, solar panels, water filter/pumps/tanks, fire-places, built in wardrobes, clothes lines, swimming pool equipment, TV antenna, garden sheds, remotes for garage, alarm system/remotes, solar hot water unit etc.
  • Items can be specifically excluded if you prefer however they will need to be noted in the contract for sale
  • Consider you ideal settlement terms and conditions that suit your circumstances (we would be happy to help advise of the options and pros and cons)
  • Advise your banker/broker and or financial advisor to ensure they are all on board and prepared for the sale with respect to your finances and banking facilities
  • Write a note to your agent of how much you enjoyed living at the property including details of the features of the property that you enjoyed most as this will help the agent write up a descriptive and emotive description for your property in the marketing materials
  • Be nice to your neighbours as they can help or hinder the sale